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The reserve

An Exceptional natural museum!

The Natural Reserve of Scandola

The Natural Reserve of Scandola's peninsula is one of France's naval and terrestrial reserve, registered as UNESCO's World Heritage Site. It's one of the protected naval areas of France.
It depends on the Natural Regional Parc of Corsica.
The reserve host numerous species of marine birds, fishes, and vegetation. Numerous animal and vegetal species have found in the reserve a safe place where they can prosper, and, little by little, repopulate the near areas. If you're a little bit lucky, you will witness the majestic view of the dolphins passing by the reserve. They come here to hunt fishes. You mustn't disturb them, not try to approach them, or you can disturb their hunting, or worst, hurt them with the boat's propeller.
Only 30 minutes away from Galeria's port is the natural reserve, announced by green signs. You can then visit the reserve at you own pace, stopping wherever you want, for a good swimming or photo sessions!


Visit Scandola all by yourself!